Get a $50 gift card for $40 

Use the Code LOVExPURELY at checkout

For this year's holiday season we decided to make it easy for you to buy all the Purely you need but also to share Purely with your loved ones. You can buy gift cards for your friends and family members that love handcrafted & local products. 
Purely is versatile - make fantastic craft cocktails, mocktails, or add it to your favorite holiday dishes. It will impress you with bright and refreshing flavors while also adding the prebiotics & probiotics your body needs to get through the season.
Purely is a great gift for the hobby bartender in your family, for your uncle that likes to cook for everyone, and for your friend that is a health nut. 


The offer expires on December 31. Purely Gift Cards can only be used to purchase Purely Products. The Gift Card works exclusively on our website. 

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