4 Ways Q Soo can Help Supercharge your Workout

Q Soo tonics are a fantastic pre and post workout drink.  A lot lower in sugar than a flavored sports drinks, Q Soo provides more benefits without all the unhealthy additives. Here are some ways drinking Q Soo can help improve your workouts:


1. Vinegar Gives you an Energy Boost
Give yourself more energy during your workouts by drinking Q Soo before. Apple cider vinegar is known to increase energy and stamina.

2. Vinegar Absorbs Lactic Acid Produced from Fatigued Muscles 

Many pro athletes drink pickle juice after an intense workout because the vinegar in the brine absorbs lactic acid from their muscles. Q Soo's blend of apple cider, coconut, and rice vinegar definitely does the trick and tastes way better.

3. Vinegar Helps Balance your PH

Your bodies PH is very sensitive and when it is off balance it can leave you feeling out of sync. Because vinegar is an acid it restores your bodies PH after a workout. 

4. Vinegar Helps you to Lose Weight

 Many studies point to vinegar as being a way to help you to burn fat and lose weight. Drinking vinegar along with exercising can help you to reach your weight goals.

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