Taste Good. Feel Good.

We made a functional cocktail & mocktail mixer that's delicious and good for you!

Handcrafted with high-quality organic fruits, herbs, and botanicals infused in ACV.
Packed with prebiotics, antioxidants and gut healing properties. Perfect for crafting your own tonics, cocktails, mocktails and purifying your body at the same time. 

The drink you didn’t know you needed.

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Breathing new life into old classics.

How to Drink Purely

Purely seriously BLOWN my mind. Now I’m not even jealous of my friends’ fancy cocktails — my Purely with soda water blows them all out of the park. DISCLAIMER: This stuff is addictively delicious — if you’re like my family, you’ll end up ordering boxes on boxes!

Charly J.

Love the product! It's so refreshing and good! I can't have enough of it... not to mention the health benefits of ACV in it!

Anna G.

This is all I wanted to drink through my first trimester of pregnancy – it helped with nausea, and with my craving for a 'drink' special enough to replace my much-loved glass of wine or beer. The taste is fantastic. Thanks for making this terrific product!

Sara J.

Purely on Repeat

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Event Beverage Program

Looking for a functional beverage program for your special event? Purely might be the perfect idea! Our beverage programs are accessible for any size or budget with basic packages starting as low as only $350.

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