The super drink that will change your life.

Breath new life into old classics.

Pure & Simple

The Purely recipe is truly a artisanal process handcrafted in small batches with organic ingredients cold-infused in our special blend of vinegar: apple cider (ACV), rice and organic coconut vinegar. No preservatives or artificial flavors and half the sugar than conventional brands. The result is bright, fruit-forward with intricate flavors of every ingredient.


I'm hooked on Purely! It's so good and easy to make craft cocktails or mocktails at home.

Ginny Hayden

This is the most tastiest shrub I had on the market and it's not too sweet like other ones. 

Tom Rotter

Drinking vinegar is a practice that dates back thousands of years, considered an elixir due to its known health benefits. Enjoy Purely with sparkling water, pair with spirits as a delicious crafted cocktail, or sip with your favorite mixer for a healthy mocktail.

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