Our Story

Breathing new life into an old classic...

At Purely, we handcraft 100% organic, artisanal fruit/root/herb/botanical infusions with ACV (apple cider vinegar) and the purest, cleanest, most delicious ingredients to empower you to feel good, wholesome and healthy... along the way with some fun in it too! 

Others call it Drinking Vinegar or Shrub. It is a practice that dates thousands of years back, and is considered an elixir due to its known health benefits

China has a documented history of vinegar-making that spans over 3,000 years. The Chinese made vinegar (cho) out of 3 main ingredients: grains such as barley, millet, and rice; fruits like dates, cherries, and peaches; and honey. In China, there’s an old saying — “Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea are indispensable in our daily life” — vinegar played an important role in Chinese lifestyle for its healing properties for the body.

Humble beginnings...

Growing up, I watched my grandmother infuse fresh plums and seasonal fruits in rice vinegar sweetened with honey. We drank a lot of fruit, herb, root infusions that are nourishing and healing for our body and mind.

Inspired by the memories of my grandmother's recipes, Purely was founded in my own kitchen, and perfected with a modern approach to meet our consumers' needs today - organic ingredients, low sugar, vegan, gluten-free, and locally sourced.

My passion and purpose for Purely started with one thing in mind: to open up a cultural experience through connection, unity and joy. 



We believe the simple choices we make can have lasting and meaningful impact on someone’s life and the world. We create delicious functional beverages that consumers love, but our purpose extends beyond the impact on the consumer. We reach small places around the world and locally by giving less fortunate women work and meaning. Additionally, we choose a charity or NPO to support each month. Every time you purchase a bottle of Purely, $1 will be donated to the selected charity. Purely is a catalyst to improve the quality of people's lives. This is the focus of our mission, and the driving force behind Purely. 



We envision Purely as a brand that drives a healthier, more just and inclusive world that makes people feel good inside and out. We believe that happier guts make for a happier world. We see Purely as more than a functional drink, it is part of a larger movement to make the world more connected by bridging cultures with a classic that has been lost.


We will never compromise on quality. We use only the best ingredients nature has to offer. To empower sustainability at the root level, we want to fundamentally change the food system for the better. As a step towards this goal, we source surplus and imperfect produce and fruits for our infusion process. We believe in supporting local and keeping our recipe pure, simple and delicious.


Join us on this journey with Purely!

Purely Drinks Team Judy Tan Joey Maria Kyu

Top L-R: (1) Purely Team (2) Founder Judy Tan received the Good Foods Award (3) Production manager Joey was excited for our first pallet distribution!
Bottom L-R: (1) Judy Tan serving Purely at a fundraiser event (2) Joey and Maria at the Good Foods Award Market receiving an official "Ark of Taste USA" award (3) Judy & Kyu sharing Purely at the CUESA Summer Cocktail Event.