A Guide to your Microbiome Diet

A Guide to your Microbiome Diet

Your digestive tract is home to 100 trillion bacteria, which together make up your microbiome. Intestinal flora, gut flora, the gut, or just the gut are other names for it.

The first step of the microbiome diet, involves eliminating frequent "trigger" items including soy, maize, eggs, and dairy. As you progress through the phases, the diet gets less stringent, and by the conclusion of phase three, you ought to be eating a mostly gut-friendly diet.

The microbiome diet does not include time. Numerous nutritious foods, including as soy, dairy, grains, eggs, legumes, and starchy fruits and vegetables, must be avoided. However, you'll also eliminate packaged meals, additives, coloring, and sugar, each of which can be beneficial to your health.

After that, some starchy fruits and vegetables, such sweet potatoes and bananas, as well as dairy, free-range eggs, legumes, and gluten-free grains are now permitted.

However, you still need to steer clear of these meals 90% of the time. In essence, this means that foods like soy, maize, and potatoes—which are thought to damage the gut—can be consumed in little amounts just a few times each week.

And last, the microbiome diet's maintenance phase, during which you can reintroduce even more items. The microbiome diet advocates are urged to continue eating this way throughout their lives.

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