Do Fermented Foods Cure Hangover?

Do Fermented Foods Cure Hangover?

Did you know that soups that have undergone fermentation are a particularly effective way to treat and even prevent hangovers?

The next time you want to undo the damage done by yesterday night's excess, consider kombucha or kimchi. These, along with other fermented foods, may assist in reducing the negative physiological effects of alcohol.

Even one night of binge drinking can upset your body's balance of healthy and bad bacteria, which can damage your intestinal barrier.

Kombucha might simply be the dog's hair of the thinking person. Many people believe that it is the best hangover treatment or medicine available because it is packed with nutrition.

Additionally, B vitamins, which alcohol can deplete, and organic acids, which may alleviate nausea and headaches, are found in fermented foods like kimchi.

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