Homemade ACV: How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home?

Homemade ACV: How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home?

How simple it is to produce homemade apple cider vinegar from apple scraps will astound you. It's incredibly healthy for you and only costs pennies per tablespoon. My kitchen is always stocked with apple cider vinegar. It has a lot of additional purposes outside making a quick salad dressing.

Apple cider vinegar can be purchased, but it's also simple to produce from home. Since apple leftovers are generally thrown away when making apple crisp, applesauce, or other apple delicacies, it costs practically nothing. You can prepare this dish if you can find space on your counter for the jar.

How to Make ACV

Apple leftovers can be dissolved in water and combined with a little sugar to create homemade apple cider vinegar. To ensure that the apple scraps remain immersed, use a jar with a narrower top. To keep fruit flies away, cover the jar with butter muslin, a paper towel, or a coffee filter. To begin the procedure, the mixture will sit at room temperature for a few weeks.

The scraps are removed after a few weeks, and the vinegar is allowed to rest at room temperature for at least another month. It will eventually start to taste similar to store-bought ACV.

Once the vinegar has finished fermenting, keep it at room temperature in an airtight container. It should keep indefinitely, although after six to twelve months, the quality can start to decline.

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