How can fermented foods lower your stress?

How can fermented foods lower your stress?

According to a study, consuming more fermented foods and fiber each day has a substantial impact on reducing stress, which contributes to the improvement of mental health.

Recent years have seen a rise in interest in the gut-brain axis, and with good reason. We've all experienced the urge to hurriedly use the restroom when we're extremely anxious because when we're stressed, our digestive systems can go berserk.

We are frequently advised that the best ways to manage stress are to exercise, carve out time for our hobbies, practice mindfulness, or try meditation.

Although fermented foods are extremely healthy for us, not everyone enjoys extremely tart flavors. Whatever your taste, there are ways to increase the amount of lactic deliciousness on our plates.

It's interesting to note that people who followed the psychobiotic diet said it made them feel less stressed than people who followed the control diet. The degree to which participants adhered to the diet was also directly correlated with how much stress they felt, with those who consumed more psychobiotic foods over the course of the four-week period having the biggest drop in perceived stress.

Therefore, you might want to give your lunch or supper plans more thought the next time you're feeling particularly pressured. For a few weeks, increasing your intake of fiber and fermented foods might just make you feel a little less anxious.

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