The holiday season is just around the corner and we think its time to get into the holiday spirit. What could be a better way to start thinking about presents than getting some?!

We have partnered up with some of our favorite local food & snack companies to bring deliciousness to you doorstep. Think about popular Bay Area snacks and delicious drinks coming to you for free - what could be better?! The best thing is, we will keep it healthy, local, and guaranteed special. 

If you have any wishes in mind or brands that you would like us to collaborate with, please sent us an email or contact our social media team. We are happy to take in any suggestions and to make sure that we get to consider all options out there. We know that Purely goes well with pretty much everything. 

All you have to do is follow us on Social Media @PurelyDrinks & @DrinkQSoo for your chance to win. Some of our Ambassadors are also hosting individual giveaways, so there are plenty to gifts to receive before the holiday season even starts. We are beyond excited to share with you some new brands, so stay tuned!


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