Never get a Hangover Again with ACV!

Never get a Hangover Again with ACV!

We all love going out for drinks. Blow off some steam and a few dollars to have a fun night out; or even in for that matter. But nobody likes hangovers. Since we all lead such busy lives it can be hard to deal with hangover symptoms with work and family. Make the most of the next day with drinking vinegar (Purely). People have been drinking vinegars for hundreds of years and the health benefits are countless. Drinking vinegars making excellent hangover cures for several reasons.

Apple Cider Vinegar helps by:

1. To restore your body's pH as it becomes more acidic after drinking alcohol, this brings your pH back to a more normal level.
2. Has a diuretic effect that can help with morning after fluid retention. Fluid retention = no headaches which reduces hangover symptoms.
3. Is great at restoring blood sugar, these sugars can be lost after a night out drinking which leaves you tired and lethargic.

Combine Purely Drinks with seltzer water or just drink Q Soo (premix) as a pre game and post game drink to help cure your hangovers!


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What do you mean by restoring the body’s pH? Isn’t apple cider vinegar also very acidic? Thanks.


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