Support BIPOC mental health

Support BIPOC mental health

Nobody is exempt from mental disease. Everyone can struggle with their emotional wellbeing or develop a mental health disorder, regardless of their color, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

At Purely, we understand the value of both physical and emotional health, and that by all of us doing our part to fight racism, we can better the mental and physical well-being of people of color.

In doing so, we want to draw attention to some of the particular difficulties that people of color have and suggest some ways that you might help them fight racism.


For BIPOC people, explaining a long history of systematic racism and oppression may be draining and emotionally taxing. Do not depend on them to teach you.

By examining current impediments and inequities, educate yourself on the history of underrepresented communities. Recognizing that learning is a continuous process, resolve to periodically review and question your own beliefs.


When examining current obstacles and inequities, become knowledgeable about the past of oppressed populations. Recognizing that learning is a lifelong process, make a commitment to periodically reviewing and challenging your own beliefs.

Speak Up

It's never simple to speak up when you see something is wrong, but doing so might spur genuine change. Push yourself to outside your comfort zone and speak up if it's safe to do so if you see or hear a racist behavior or remark.

Let's all continue to support BIPOC community!

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