The Flavors of Fall

The Flavors of Fall


While it is still warm in the Bay Area, we all have noticed that fall has arrived. The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, and pumpkins are everywhere. We at Purely would not mind an everlasting summer but we can also not resist the deliciousness fall has to offer us. After all, October is the month of harvest.

For our Purely Concentrate, we will shortly offer you Chai Spice Pear, Beet Blood Orange, and Rose Love! For our Q Soo Tonic we will offer a delicious twist on Apple Cider. What could be better than a refreshing and detoxifying Beet Blood Orange Drink? Or a Rose Love Cocktail with Mint? Or a Chai Spice Pear Smoothie? The options are boundless, but hurry: Supply is limited!!!

The good news just don't end here at Purely! We are still thinking about some ideas for the upcoming month so you and your gut can stay healthy and full of prebiotics & probiotics. With the holiday season starting shortly, we are bringing you even more flavors. How does Plum Cinnamon Sound to you? 






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