The power of the sober curious trend

The power of the sober curious trend

A growing number of people choose zero-proof liquors and alcohol-free beers year-round in addition to participating in Dry January. Pinterest observed a 220% increase in "fancy non-alcoholic drinks" searches from the previous year.

A 250% spike in searches for "non-alcoholic" and "alcohol-free" between 2021 and 2022 on Faire also led us to believe that this trend will continue to grow in the coming year.

Sober Curious Trend

Many people have experienced the positive effects of cutting back on alcohol throughout the year, during Dry January, or altogether. But nowadays, consumers who choose non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic beverages frequently don't want to give up the excitement of socializing or elaborate food and beverage pairings.

Non-alcoholic Beverage

Between 2022 and 2026, the non-alcoholic beverage sector is expected to rise by roughly 23% annually, according to experts. Additionally, there is no sign of this social media trend coming to an end. On TikTok, the hashtags #dryjanuary and #mocktail have had over 86 million and upwards of 670 million views, respectively. The hashtag #sobercurious has received over 301 million views.

You can benefit from choosing non-alcoholic beverages in two ways: first, it can help you cut back on your drinking. Your body creates dopamine when you don't use alcohol, the same chemical that makes you feel good when you consume alcohol. This is so that people won't mistakenly identify the flavor and scent with the alcoholic version.

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