Ways To Enjoy Leftover Teas

Ways To Enjoy Leftover Teas

A true tea enthusiast may find ways to add tea to every aspect of their cooking. We do have some suggestions for incorporating tea into different aspects of your cooking regimen.

We've included five additional kitchen uses for tea bags to help you get started with your tea experimentation.

Tea-Based Stock

The more traditional options for preparing stocks tend to include scraps of chicken, cattle, pork, or even vegetables. But utilizing your favorite teas can be a fun way to make light, fragrant broths that will help improve your favorite soups. For instance, you may enhance your chicken soup by including jasmine tea, or you could add fruit-based tea to beef broth to bring forth more sweet overtones. You may use your tea supply wisely while also discovering new favorite soup flavors by playing with your stocks.

Tea-Infused Bread

What could be superior to tea cakes? tea-infused cakes! You can easily create a variety of tea-infused loaves because tea is already a dry ingredient. For a more herbal, fragrant bread, you may, for instance, add tea powder or tea leaves to the dry ingredients. Or, if you're so inclined, you could substitute any water called for in the recipe for tea. And if you really want to bring something special to the table, try soaking fruit in tea before adding it to your bread to create a delicious, flavorful treat.

Tea Ice Cream

You may experiment with some unusual dessert combinations at home with a nice handcrafted pint of earl grey or rooibos ice cream, and you can impress your family with your newfound originality.

Do you have another way to save the leftover tea? If yes, share it with us in the comment below!

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