3 Ways to Use Drinking Vinegar Other Than a Cocktail

3 Ways to Use Drinking Vinegar Other Than a Cocktail

Shrubs are more versatile than just a cocktail mixer or a shot that you take in the morning; you can add them to other foods for an extra kick of health benefits. In Japan drinking vinegars are very common. Pop- up stands in the streets and subway stations provide passers by with plenty of options. You can mix it into a drink or even add it to yogurt or a smoothie. Taking inspiration from that idea, here are some fun, unexpected ways with drinking vinegar. 

1. Make a Shandy

Shandies are definitely on the rise and are popping up all over the place. It is a super refreshing mix of light beer with fruit juice. Traditionally done with lemonade, drinking vinegars make a fantastic twist. Mix half of the Q Soo Grapefruit Citrus with your favorite wheat beer and be amazed. 

2. Blend into a Smoothie

Take all of the health benefits of ACV on the go by blending our Purely Concentrate into your favorite smoothie recipe. You only need very little about a tablespoon. Our fresh fruit infusions will compliment a variety of smoothie flavors.

3. Make Kefir Water

 Kefir water is definitely trending. Add vinegar to your kefir water to boost your probiotic count and add a nice tang to your drink. Any of our Purely Drinks Tonics will make a fantastic flavor for your kefir water just add 1oz of Purely for every 5oz of kefir water.

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