5 Super Healthy Summer Cocktails

Everyone is looking to let loose during a warm seemingly endless summer night; but no one likes the sense of regret when you wake up the next morning. Drinking cocktails with shrubs (drinking vinegar) will help you feel less hungover the next day. On top of that, they have way less sugar and calories in them than a traditional mixer. Make the healthy switch and see how you don't have to sacrifice on flavor to still have a healthy drink. Here are 5 recipes to get you started!

1. Pineapple Chili Lime Cooler

2 oz Purely Pineapple Thai Chili

2 oz Light Rum

4 oz Seltzer water 

Chili Flakes

3 Lime Wedges

1. In a cocktail mixer, add ice, Purely (1-2 oz based on your taste preference), light rum, squeeze 2 lime wedge and shake! 

2. Pour drink out to a fancy cup, top with seltzer water and Chili flakes and garnish lime wedge. Viola!

Recipe Inspo @ Anya Tchoupakov Bon Appetit

2. Grapefruit Spritz

1 oz Purely Grapefruit Citrus

4 oz Champagne 

1-2 Rosemary Sprigs

1.  Add ice, Purely (1-2 oz based on your taste preference) and champagne.
2.  Top with
 rosemary sprigs, Viola! Easy & Simple! 

Recipe Inspo and Photo Cred to Rene Byrd @ Will Frolic for Food

3. Concord Blueberry Gin Gimlet

2 oz Purely Concord Grape Apple

2 oz of gin

4 oz Seltzer Water

1 cup of Blueberries for garnish

1. In a cocktail mixer, add ice, Purely 
(1-2 oz based on your taste preference), gin and shake together.

2.  Pour our your drink and top seltzer water and blueberries. Enjoy!

Recipe Inspo and Photo Cred to Molly Madfis @almostmakesperfect

4. Oakland Mule

1 oz Purely Ginger Lime

2 oz of vodka

3 oz Seltzer Water

1 Lime for garnish


1. In a mixer, put Purely (1-2 oz based on your taste preference), vodka, squeeze a couple wedges of lime and ice to shake.

2. Pour drink out into a copper cup, top with seltzer water and a lime wedge!

 Recipe Inspo @ Abbey and the Butter Half

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