Queen of Hearts Cocktail

Queen of Hearts Cocktail

More Halloween cocktails? YES please!

We're in love with this beautiful cocktail by @mixwithmarie! Inspired by the 2010 Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), the Queen of Hearts cocktail is kinda like a swizzle…kinda like a Sazrac, and is a tart and refreshing drink perfect for your Halloween get-togethers with friends!

Recipe by: Marie @mixwithmarie

  • 2 oz @spring44distilling Honey vodka
  • ½ oz Purely Strawberry Lemon Artisanal Drinking Vinegar
  • ½ oz Simple syrup
  • ¼ oz @absinthe_absente (rinse the glass)
  • 10 mint leaves
  • A few dashes of peychaud’s bitters
  • A few dashes of @marysalchemy Strawberry diesel tincture
  • Garnish with mint and freeze dried strawberries
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