We’re Mad About Mocktails

We’re Mad About Mocktails

Is it the flavor or the buzz we crave when we pick up a minty mojito or frozen margarita? Especially in the summertime, we can’t help but dive into the drinking culture on almost a daily basis. It’s like the sun is calling us to keep sipping. We’re all about imbibing occasionally, but sometimes it’s nice to unwind without the worrisome hangover.

With the rise of the mocktail trend - you know, the no alcohol, but all the flavor drink - we can stay equally hydrated as satiated. Mixologists in all the major cities are getting behind the trend whipping up fancy af non-alcohol drinks featuring the freshest flavors. If you haven't tried one yet, it's just as easy to create a mocktail in the comfort of your own home.

When we make mocktails with apple cider vinegar, we can feel good about filling our bellies with a plethora of probiotics. A round or two more can only help ease digestion and improve your mood. Here’s our guide for creating your own mocktail any day and any time of the week!


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