5 Fun Activities To Do To Celebrate Pride Month

5 Fun Activities To Do To Celebrate Pride Month

Every year in June, the LGBT community comes together to celebrate in a variety of ways. Various events are held around the world during this unique month to recognize the impact LGBT people have had on the world.

Thankfully, we've gone a long way since then, and as it becomes safer for all of us to live our lives and be outside with friends and family again, we're happy to celebrate love around the world during Pride Month this year.

Decorate Your House With Pride

Pride Month is a time of year when LGBTQ+ people and supporters can embrace self-love and celebrate their identities. Display a rainbow flag in your front yard and windows with pride. Create a unique yard sign in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Participate in a Pride Parade

In communities with a significant LGBTQ+ community and a history of advocacy, pride parades are a beloved tradition. These events allow you to get a true sense of what Pride is all about. It's also a great way to give kids an inside peek at the diverse LGBTQ+ population around the world.

Donate to LGBTQ+ Nonprofits

Consider donating to causes that assist the LGBTQ+ community, as Pride is all about honoring their strength, resiliency, and beauty. There are various ways to support the work of people fighting for LGBTQ+ rights, whether you're shopping for a good cause or volunteering with LGBTQ+ groups.

A Pride Mini-Parade or Party

Leave the parades and partying to the professionals! Hosting a mini-Pride parade or party is a wonderful way to commemorate Pride Month. Whether you're celebrating with close friends or family!

Cocktails with a Rainbow Theme

Another fantastic reason to get fancy with your booze and whip up some tasty, colorful summer mojitos or a Rainbow Paradise Cocktail partnered with Purely!

Pride is about acknowledging and celebrating all of life's experiences, big and small, from transitions to coming out to honoring your chosen family or forming one of your own.

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