Emm and Mico from @tidbits_ofus are food bloggers based in Bay Area California

Food Blogger Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with Emm & Mico

Name: Emm & Mico
Username: @tidbits_ofus
Followers: 7k
Location: San Francisco

What inspired you to start blogging the foods you eat on IG? 

My husband and I have always loved eating out and trying new foods. When I first started dating my husband back in college we began taking photos of our food, soon I realized that our camera roll was majority food photos. We finally decided that we'd start posting on IG to join the foodie community and to share our food favorites and recommendations with our friends and family.

What kinds of foods did you grow up eating? 

Emm: I'm a 3rd generation Japanese American, so growing up, I ate a mix of American food and Japanese food. Some of my favorites included udon, my mom's ham soup, and lots of rice balls.
Mico: on the other hand is Filipino and his mama did the majority of the cooking in his youth. His favorite dishes he grew up eating included bistek tagalog, lumpia, and of course tons of rice.

Favorite snack growing up? Favorite snack now? 

Emm's favorite snack growing up: Hot Cheetos
Emm's favorite snack now: Takis
Mico's favorite snack growing up: shrimp crackers 
Mico's favorite snack now: Steamed baos

What’s your favorite thing about being a foodie blogger? 

Trying new foods and recipes. We enjoy recipe creation and also love going to new places, meeting new people, and enjoying delicious food in good company. 

What do you dislike about being a foodie blogger? 

There really isn't much to dislike about being a foodie blogger, but communication is key when doing collaborations. Sometimes when working with a restaurant or company unforeseen difficulties can occur, but we just adapt to the situation and make what we can of it. 

What are some interesting things you learned through the process of blogging about food? 

The little details really count when it comes to food photography and good lighting. Adding in a few props can really boost the aesthetic of a photo. 

What’s one of your favorite foods and drinks you’ve posted on? 

For food, we love posting about sushi (our favorite spot is called Izakaya and is located in Benicia). For drinks - can we say Purely is our current favorite refreshing beverages of 2021? :)

When did your IG start to gain more attention from people? And what do you think triggered it? 

Our IG started gaining more attention when we started posting more foodie couple pics with our faces as well as better quality photos with our updated cameras. I also enjoy knowing more about the faces behind a social media handle and when we started introducing ourselves more into the foodie community, we made more connections, friends, and also boosted our engagement. 

What inspired your style of posting content on your IG? 

We've always loved the bright and vibrant look that shows off how beautiful a food item or product is. To us, food is art. 

We love your work! How do you plan for food/drink photoshoots? What kind of equipment do you use? 

Most of the time, we take a look at a product and just start shooting photos from different angles. If shooting at home, we use props that would accent a product and if shooting at a cafe or restaurant we like to incorporate action shots with food. We use mainly our camera phones and also our Sony Alpha 6000. 

What is your full-time job? 

Emm: Marketing
Mico: Medical field

What does a typical day look like for you? 

Currently, I spend most of my time working remotely at home. Mico and I walk our dog - Pablo in the morning together and then go about our workdays. We come together in the evening for another walk with Pablo and we enjoy dinner and some Netflix with one another. 

What are some challenges you encountered to get to where you are at today (as a food blogger with 7k followers)? 

We haven't had too many challenges. Both Mico and I are very passionate about food blogging and to us, it's a hobby and a de-stressor from our work lives. 

What is your long term goal with food blogging? 

Long-term we'd like to keep our social media active and continue to post about places we enjoy, food we love, and recipes we created that we'd like to share. 

Any advice for people who want to start a food blog?  

Engage with the foodie community, support local restaurants and companies by giving them a tag, and speak honestly. 


Emm and Mico from @tidbits_ofus are food bloggers based in Bay Area California
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