7 Interesting Activities to Do in November

7 Interesting Activities to Do in November

The best time to gather apples and pumpkins may have arrived by the end of November, but there are still many enjoyable fall activities to do. It's even more important to fit in a few fall activities before winter sets in and the holiday rush makes you too busy to accomplish anything else because it gets dark earlier in November.

Here are some ideas for how to spend your free time in November with loved ones.


On a soggy November day, are you curled up inside? Spend 10 to 15 minutes outlining your ideas, emotions, observations, or objectives. One of the few things that can be both useful and enjoyable is journaling. It's a terrific approach to practice thoughtful self-reflection on a chilly day.

Watch Holiday Films

You can always start watching your favorite Christmas and holiday movies as soon as possible. Catch whatever is on live TV or stream them using Netflix. Spend a relaxing evening watching old-fashioned holiday movies with some friends you've invited over, some seasonal cocktails with easy and simple recipes using Purely!

Thanksgiving Decorations

It's essential to keep traditions like decorating your home with gourds and other seasonal foliage, no matter how you choose to observe Thanksgiving this year. Decorate your house with beautiful, fall items in time for Thanksgiving. Look for decorations with a Thanksgiving theme, lots of cornucopias, garlands made of dried flowers, and vibrant fall wreaths.

Marshmallow Roast


Your kids will enjoy roasting their own marshmallows and preparing s'mores as a special November treat, whether you're cozy and warm by the fireplace inside or bundled up around a bonfire in the backyard.

Begin Your Holiday Gift-Buying

Although it's still early, November is a perfect month to start tackling that lengthy holiday present list. Everyone, from close family to colleagues and coworkers, needs something unique, so prepare accordingly. December will go more smoothly the earlier you start.

Enjoy a Relaxing Cocktail and Cheese Evening

Stay indoors to eat, drink, and hang out to your heart's delight rather than going outside in the cold. Purely is brimming with nourishing pre and prebiotics and can immediately aid in digestion and restore the gut lining. If you've overindulged, it will make you feel better right away!

Make plans for New Year's Eve

If you're intending to travel, or even just reserve a table at a popular restaurant, start planning where you're going and what you're going to do. To ensure safe travel and a similarly safe stay, research and early planning are especially crucial. Before everything is booked up and airfare and hotel prices increase, act quickly and make a few bookings.

What activity do you want or plan to do this month? Share it with us, we would love to learn and feature you! Tag us @purelydrinks on IG!

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