Apple Cider Vinegar Bath: Is it Good or Bad

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath: Is it Good or Bad

ACV, or apple cider vinegar, may offer a number of significant health advantages. Adding ACV to your bath can improve your skin care routine and may also help with a number of common skin issues. Due to its potent antibacterial qualities, it may be able to reduce skin infections and itchiness.

ACV Bath Benefits

Vinegar has been used as medicine by people all across the world for thousands of years. Today, researchers are just starting to look at how ACV might be used to treat skin diseases like eczema, dandruff, and yeast.

For Body Odor

Sweat combines with the good bacteria on your skin to produce body odor. Although research has only been done on bacteria outside of the human body, ACV may be able to destroy a variety of bacteria that are present on your body.

For Dry Skin

Unfortunately, washing with soap and water causes skin to become less acidic. Skin may keep its natural acidity by soaking in an ACV bath or using ACV in place of washing. This might stop damage and drying.

For Pimples

ACV is frequently applied topically to treat skin conditions including warts and pimples. The removal of pore-clogging bacteria may be aided by immediately applying ACV to a pimple. It might help burn away warts if you apply it to them. By removing germs and viruses, taking an ACV bath may help prevent the development of warts and pimples in the first place.

For Sunburn

Instead of ACV, think about putting a few green tea bags in a chilly bath. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory qualities that can help calm and repair harmed skin.


When there is an excess of bacteria somewhere in the urinary tract, a urinary tract infection (UTI) develops. ACV may aid in the treatment of some bacterial illnesses, despite never having been tested on people, according to experts.

Apple cider vinegar has received a lot of publicity, some of it justified and some of it not. Feel free to give ACV a try because it's relatively risk-free, but don't count on it to be a miracle treatment for all of your ailments.

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