Check Out These 5 BIPOC Founded Gifts For This Summer!

Check Out These 5 BIPOC Founded Gifts For This Summer!

This summer, we've selected 5 BIPOC-founded gifts! From the friend who never stops nibbling to the wellness warrior, and don't forget the foodie, we hope this list has something for everyone!


Enjoy the line of healthy, superfood granolas with the top sellers pack! All flavors are perfect as a topping on your favorite smoothies, bowls, yogurt or eaten straight out of the bag!

Jack & Friends

All plant-based jerky flavors use only the best, all natural ingredients to distinguish themselves from all other allergen-free snacks and healthy foods brands while providing nutritional benefits. In addition to the main ingredients of jackfruit and pea protein, signature blends of spices and other delicious seasonings pack each bite with bold, savory flavor to awaken your taste buds!



At Purely, we handcraft 100% organic functional fruit & botanical infusions with pure superfood ingredients to empower you to feel good, wholesome and healthy. Versatile and perfect for tonics, mocktails/cocktails and culinary creations! Purely will help you achieve your self-care goals from gut-health to energy.


Try out all of the award winning flavors and pick your favorite one, or two, or three. Developed in home kitchen with the mission "Restore Humankind's Healthy Relationship with the Sea”, these jerkies deliver healthy, high-protein snacks from premium quality sustainable seafood.



Tangy Baobab! brings together citrusy baobab fruit + Africa’s earthy, nutrient-dense moringa leaf for a zesty bite of green goodness. Bright + zesty! Savor them on their own, stuff them in a sandwich, dip ’em in guacamole, salsa, hummus, and more, or use them in your next batch of nachos!

What snack/drinks will you recommend to your friend this summer? Share it with us, we would love to learn and feature you! Tag us @purelydrinks on IG!

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