Ways To Reuse Old Tea Bags

Ways To Reuse Old Tea Bags

You probably use a lot of tea bags if you drink tea frequently! Wouldn't it be good if you could put all those tea bags to use rather than just throwing them away? The good news is that you can actually use all those tea bags in a variety of ways!

Absorb Unpleasant Odors

Tea leaves can absorb smells without leaving a strong aftertaste. To make something smell better, put a dry, used tea bag in a drawer, closet, refrigerator, or even your shoes.

Polish Wood Surfaces

Your wooden flooring and furnishings can be given a wonderful shine by using weak tea. To create the weak tea, steep a few used tea bags in warm water. Then use a soft rag or microfiber cloth to apply it to your wood surfaces. Your wood will soon be sparkling if you buff it well!

Start A Fire


You can create campfire fire starters from your used tea bags! Your tea bags should be properly dried when you squeeze the water out of them. Put the dry tea bags in melted wax after that. Place the wax-dipped bags on a sheet of parchment paper or tin foil. They can be used once the wax has dried.

Refresh Your Carpets

Your carpets can be refreshed by using tea bag leaves! Simply let the tea leaves dry up in a tea bag before removing them. Sprinkle the mixture over dirty or odorous areas of your carpet after mixing the leaves with a sizable quantity of baking soda. After letting it sit for around 20 minutes, thoroughly vacuum the area. Together, the tea and baking soda will trap dirt and eliminate odors. Your carpets will feel and look lot cleaner after that!

Treat Rashes & Bug Bites

Bug bites and small rashes can be soothed with tea bags. A damp, cooled tea bag should be applied to the affected area. The tea will ease the itch and assist in reducing inflammation.

Dissolve Greasy Messes

Do you have a pan with a greasy, stuck-on mess in the bottom? Put a tea bag in the pan and add hot water to it. The tannins in the tea will help to loosen the mess if you let it soak all night. In the morning, cleaning will be simple.

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