Our Values

China has a documented history of vinegar-making that spans over 3,000 years, dating from the Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC–256 BC). The Chinese made vinegar (cho), from grains such as barley, millet, and rice, and from fruits including dates, cherries, and peaches, and from honey. In China, there’s an old saying — “Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea are indispensable in our daily life” — vinegar played an important role in Chinese lifestyle for its healing properties for the body. Drinking vinegar is a practice dating back thousands of years. It’s considered an elixir because of its known health benefits. Every part of the world has their version of drinking vinegar. Our goal is to bring the basic back combined with modern needs. 


We will never compromise on quality, and use only the best ingredients that nature has created. The Purely recipe is truly an artisanal process with effort to help local farmers supply the finest and most flavorful ingredients. We believe in supporting local and keeping our recipe pure, simple and delicious. 

Founded by Judy Tan in her own kitchen inspired by the memories of watching her grandmother infuse fresh plums and seasonal fruits in rice vinegar when she was little. Her mission and passion for Purely is to open up a cultural drinking vinegar experience for everyone to try. Bridge cultures with Purely and change the way people think of drinking vinegar. Breathes new life into old classics.





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