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Strawberry Shiso Infusion

Strawberry Shiso Infusion

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Sweet. Plum. Ripened.

Our Strawberry Shiso is back! This flavor will remind you of all the great things you love about summer time - strawberries, warm colors, and sweet sunshine. Enjoy this popular flavor mixed with sparkling water, mocktail, or as a substitute for your vinaigrette salad dressing! Just like summer, this flavor is only around for a limited time so grab yours soon!


How to Drink

Mixing Instructions:
Mocktail / Tonic: 1 part Purely to 4 parts sparkling water
Cocktail: .5-1 oz per drink (adjust accordingly based on preference)
Cooking and baking: Substitute any acid with Purely

TIP: Check out our blog for more recipes!


Apple Cider Vinegar*, Strawberries*, Apple Juice*, Cane Sugar*, Lemon Juice*, Shiso (Perilla) Leaf*, Monk Fruit*, *Organic

Health Benefits

*Strawberry - Excellent source of Vitamin C and Manganese
*Shiso - Good source of Iron, Calcium and Vitamin A
*Apple Cider Vinegar - Boosts immunity

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