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Chai Spice Pear Infusion

Chai Spice Pear Infusion

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Our Good Food Award Winner.

Full of warm spices of traditional masala chai aromatics – from ginger to cinnamon to black peppercorns  –  with sweet pear vanilla notes, this one is a pure comfort pick-me-up. 

As with most Eastern and ayurvedic remedies, chai is known to aid improving digestion, enhance the immune system, fight inflammation and has antioxidant properties. 

Check out our blog for recipes!

How to Drink

Mixing Instructions:
Mocktail / Tonic: 1 part Purely to 4 parts sparkling water
Cocktail: .5-1 oz per drink (adjust accordingly based on preference)
Cooking and baking: Substitute any acid with Purely

TIP: Mix with sparkling water and it'll take you in to full fall and holiday mode. Check out our blog for more recipes!


Apple Cider Vinegar*, Pear Juice*, Apple Juice*, Cane Sugar*, Chai Tea*, Ginger Root*, Cinnamon*, Nutmeg*, Cloves*, Allspice*, Cardamom*, Orange Peel*, Vanilla Extract*, Monk Fruit*, *Organic

Health Benefits

*Chai Spice - Helps lower blood pressure
*Pear - Helps promote gut health
*Apple Cider Vinegar - Helps lower blood sugar levels and GI

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