Ginger Lime (16+ Servings)

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Bold // Spicy // Full

Our Ginger Lime shrub's got a kick! We cold-steeped fresh ginger into our special Purely blend of vinegar (ACV, rice vinegar, coconut vinegar) and delicately sweetened with organic cane sugar in lime and naturally nutritious. It is 100% pure, organic and abundant in many health properties - healthy cocktails/mocktails? Sold! 

Mixing Instructions:
 1-2 oz per drink
Mocktails / Sodas: 1 part shrub to 4-5 parts seltzer
Cooking: Replace any acid you are using with Purely

Moscow Mule cocktail or make it virgin without the spirit in minutes. Or any time you would use a ginger beer or syrup in a cocktail, try replacing it with Purely Ginger Lime.

Ginger Root, Apple Cider Vinegar, Rice Vinegar, Coconut Vinegar, Organic Lime Juice, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Cane Sugar.