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Purely Party Case (12 bottles)

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Our Purely Party Case a collection of all of our NINE flavors + 3 other flavors of your choice! 

Pineapple Thai Chili 
Grapefruit Citrus
Ginger Lime
Ginger Pear
Concord Grape Apple
Strawberry Lemon
Strawberry Shiso
Chai Spice Pear
Cheery Cola
+ 3 Flavors of Your choice!

This Holiday Season, share all of our signature flavors to family and friends! The best part? You just saved 50%! 

Check out our blog for recipes! 

How to Drink

Mixing Instructions:
Cocktail: .5 - 1 oz per drink
Mocktail / Soda: 1 part Purely to 4-5 parts seltzer
Cooking: Replace any acid with Purely


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Health Benefits

Please check individual product listings for health benefits!