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At Purely Drinks, we handcraft 100% organic, artisanal fruit-infused "drinking vinegar" with the purest, cleanest and most delicious ingredients in small batches. You may wonder... What is Drinking Vinegar (aka shrub)?  It is a practice that dates back thousands of years, considered an elixir due to its known health benefits. Each part of the world has their version of drinking vinegar. Our version is special... 

Our founder Judy Tan grew up with this tradition and is on a mission to craft the best tasting, high quality, all-natural artisanal drinking vinegar that's easy for people to access to improve their health. Her goal is to change the future of functional beverages through diversity, inclusion and sustainability. 

When she was a little girl, she watched her grandmother infuse fresh plums and seasonal fruits in rice vinegar and sweetened with honey. Purely's recipe was inspired her grandmother's perfected with a modern approach to meet our consumers' needs now. That means... organic ingredients, low sugar, locally sourced when possible, top 8 allergen-free, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and nothing artificial!

Purely Founder Judy Tan

We believe the simple choices we make can have a lasting and meaningful impact on someone’s life and the world. We create delicious and healthy ACV based beverages that consumers love, but our purpose extends beyond the impact on the consumer. We reach small places around the world and locally to lift poverty by giving impoverished women work and meaning. Giving the unprivileged opportunity for economic empowerment (50% of our team ) so they can improve their lives is the focus of our mission, and the driving force behind Purely. 

Read the story of our virtual assistant Gen from the Philippines or Suya, our production specialist. 

Purely Q SOO Team Photo

As a social impact brand, we envision Purely drives a healthier, more just and inclusive world that makes people feel good inside and out.

Each month, we choose a charity or NPO to support. We donate $1/bottle purchased to the selected cause. 

The single highest impact people can control for quality of life is what we choose to put in our bodies. Purely is a catalyst to improve the quality and length of people’s lives and at the same time, you're helping someone in need by purchasing Purely. 

Good Food Award

[Founder Judy Tan received the GOOD FOOD AWARD]

We are founded on the foundation of happiness - we believe that happier guts make for a happier world. Purely is more than a functional drink and is part of a larger movement to make the world more connected by bridging cultures with a classic that has been lost.

Join us on this journey and help us make Purely + Q SOO for everyone to try!